What is the need for hair and hair products?

The need for hair and hair products can be varied. It can be due to medical reasons such as hair loss due to chemotherapy for cancer, alopecia and Trichotillomania (a hair pulling disorder, which includes an impulse control disorder that results in the pulling out of one’s hair) or other reasons such as for photoshoots, modelling, special occasions, parties and weddings.

Wig hairstyle guide for different face shapes ?

If you measure your face, the length of your face will be one and a half times the width of your face. This is a balanced face shape. Any hairstyle will suit you. Experiment with new styles to help you decide on what style you like best.

If you measure your face, the length and breadth of your face will be almost the same. Also, you will have a strong, square jawline and hairline. Styles with layers and wavy looks will soften the square look of your face.

If you measure your face, the length will be vaguely half the width of your face. Your jawline and hairline will be round. You can wear short styles that are swept back or styles that are longer than your chin’s length. Try getting styles with layers on the top with the rest of the hair framing your face to make your face appear narrower.

Wig cap construction

Wig caps with strips allow ventilation and these are suitable for cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy. It is also suitable for hot weather conditions. All our wigs come with vertical strips to enable ventilation to the scalp, thereby making it comfortable and suitable for your scalp.

Wigs or other hair pieces such as top closures, frontals, etc.

Usage/Purpose Wigs Closures Extensions
Complete head coverage needed a
In need of covering one particular spot a
Available in human hair a a a
Available in synthetic hair a
Can be worn with a wig cap a
Need added hair to blend in with existing hair a a
For added volume a a
For added length a

How do I measure my head?

1. Find a measuring tape and ensure that you use the side measuring in inches

2. Place the starting point of the tape at the top of your forehead, just below your hairline

3. Circle the entire circumference of your head keeping the tape below your hairline throughout

4. Reach the point you started at the top of your forehead

5. The measurement in inches is the circumference of your head

Human hair vs Synthetic hair

Human hair

1. Can be styled as desired

2. Available in a variety of textures, natural colours and international colours (coloured)

3. Can last a lifetime if maintained properly

4. Look and feel natural Synthetic hair

1. Easy to maintain

2. They are pre-styled and cannot be styled further

3. They are cost efficient

4. They look natural and can last up to three years if maintained properly

Wash and care instructions.

To achieve a natural appearance and to give your wig the longest life, follow these steps:

– Wash hair once in six to eight weeks

– Before washing, detangle the wig by gently using a hair brush or comb in the same direction as the hair. (Do not comb pre-styled hair)

– Rinse the wig in cold water, with the water flowing in the same direction of the hair to avoid tangling.

– Do not let it soak

– Using your fingertips to apply shampoo gently in one direction, base to the end.

– Rinse with cold water to remove shampoo, ensure that the water is flowing in the same direction (base to tip)

– Remove excess water by gently patting with a towel.

– Do not to wring or squeeze the hair dry.

Will these hair products damage my existing hair?

No. Our products are very hair friendly and will not affect your existing hair in any way.

If I am a bride, what look do I go for?

Every bride has her dream wedding planned in her head. So, it is essential that your hairstyle matches your outfit for your special day. Hair extensions and other hair accessories like volume hair bases, buns and ponytails will enhance your hair’s volume and make it appear fuller and more beautiful. These hair extensions can easily be styled into your hair-do for your big day and make you look immensely gorgeous.

Do I need professional help with fixing and maintaining my hair products?

Our products are easy to wear. There are a few links available on our website that can guide you to wear these products. You can also book an appointment and come in to our store to get help with your hair products if needed.

Can I wear my hair products and have a bath or go for a swim in the pool?

No you cannot. Our products are easily removable and should be removed before a shower or a swim in the pool.

Do we have branches?

No we do not. Our retail store is located at 38, Malony Road, T.Nagar, Chennai – 600017, Tamil Nadu, India.